Always at the forefront of technology, Blacklight has strived to be the best web and applications development company to our clients and agency partners. We believe in bringing fun and interaction into digital environments and have achieved great success in doing so in our 16 years of operation.

Our team represent our philosophy on being focused as we are:

F = fun
O = optimistic
C = creative
U = unconventional
S = savvy
E = energetic
D = dynamic

We endeavour to always keep things upbeat and interesting – not only for ourselves, but for our clients and their clients in return.

David Ogilvy once said: “I know that 50% of marketing works. I wish I knew which 50%.” At Blacklight, we are cognisant of the fact that people are drowning in data and sheer volumes of messaging. Our strategy is to always research the target audiences and create brand experiences that stand out, or as we say, that POP.
Technology and digitally focused, combined with fun and intent. A recipe for branding and marketing success.

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